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Customized Spider Claw Coupling Made in China

Product name: NM coupling Product model: NM50, 67, 82, 97112128148168194214 Product features: 1. Elastic coupling has the functions of compensating the relative displacement of two shafts, damping and buffering. It has small radial size, simple structure, no lubrication, high bearing capacity and convenient maintenance. 2. It is economical and applicable, runs stably, and is easy to assemble and maintain. 3. It can provide high torque and intermittent operation for equipment. NM coupling material: 1. It is made of high-grade cast steel and combined with rubber gasket. 2. The rubber material is NBR.BBR. It has excellent oil resistance, performance and TM; ACM is equivalent to fluoroelastomer. Working temperature: - 35~+80 ℃.